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Chapter Two


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“Snow” is the most narrative and allegorical chapter in the Neverland story. Taking a step backwards in the linearity of the story, we step into a cold and introspective landscape, not all that unfamiliar from the last. Chilling dissonance settles in the quiet unrest of the most beautiful harmony in the entire story. Like a brisk wind whistling through the evergreens in the bleak midwinter.

From a vocoder soliloquy to a neo-blues ballad, this chapter emphasizes the loneliness that one feels in the wake of separation. The storyline of the title track, Snow, was inspired completely by a dream. This allowed for lyrically weaving in-and-out of storytelling; leaving the listener with a clearly painted picture of this isolation, but not without plenty of room to sketch themselves somewhere in the frame. Irregularities and surrealism coat this chapter, but only serve to deepen the themes set in place with its conception.

With complete creative control of the process, we are beginning to stretch the expectation of what a metal band is supposed to create and share with their audience.

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b. 1996


Producer, Songwriter, Engineer

Columbus, OH

The band’s drummer and resident producer wrote and tracked all three parts of this chapter. This chapter’s title track was written in 2012 when Bonder was in his sophomore year of high school. The peripheral tracks were written and recorded in his senior year of college, giving the creative process of this chapter about seven years. From beginning to end, Bonder retained the original themes and sonic imagery that the chapter always set out to portray.


Kevin Lankford

B. 1992

Mixing, Mastering, Add. Production

New Albany, OH

Kevin Lankford engineered the original recordings for The Lost Boys Collective as far back as 2012. He served as a mentor to the band in its early stages and helped develop them as creatives until they were able to record their own music after years of working with Lankford. His mixes can be heard on the central tracks on each chapter of the Neverland story, including the track “Snow” in Chapter Two.  




b. 1997

Mixing, Mastering

Columbus, Oh

The band’s guitarist, Justin Uth has become the in-house mixing and mastering engineer. After years of growing and learning together, Uth came into the role of mixing engineer to free up a little more creative control within the project. Work in close proximity with songwriter, Matthew Bonder to produce the tracks and realize the vision of the band with great detail. In Uth’s capable hands, the team is becoming an extremely precise creative force.









The final part of chapter two touches on the subject of rehabilitation. Many of us will experience damaging situations, whether they be induced by ourselves or by someone else. Repairing that damage is a complicated process that differs from person-to-person.


"Had another lucid dream, things aren’t what they seem" 


In the public eye, rehabilitation might not be portrayed as a very personal and individualized process. However, we are emphasizing the importance of the individual path through the process. Not only is the emphasis on the individual important for restoration, but it is important to prevent further damage. The process of rebuilding an individual in a post-traumatic situation is very delicate, and there are many pitfalls that the patient will face. Being careful to guide the patient down a path that allows them to feel secure and trustworthy of their environment will be key to their long-term recovery.